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A Retarded Movie 2 A Retarded Movie 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great movie!

Funy as hell. Best Part was at the robot! Im new to giving scores on here im mainly ment for the audio.
Ok ill try to explain my scores.

Graphics are ten beacuse i dont normaly see movies with good graphics thease days since i hardly wacht movies enymore here so you did good.

Style. Very Creative work indeed. Lots of changes Very enertaining to wacht.

Sound. Ill give it a 9 Becuse at the bigining the intro of the music was a bit to loud and it startle me a bit wicht i dont like having audio to loud to my ears.

Violence. Not meny violence here in this movie just a bit of shooting so yea i say 1.

Interactivity. Very well understandable becuse u wanted to make a funy vedio and it was Extreamly funy.

Humer. I loved it. I think i just explained it tho in the other one XD

Overall. 10 CuseYou did the impossible by pushing ur selfs to the limit.

Great job Guys.

Indeed going into my favorites.

Im Voting 5 on This to.

Laters Im out.

-- DarkMcShadowX --